About Us

At its establishment, the company was only involved in managing construction services for the civil works of small to medium scale plantations. In due course and in line with the growth of business, in 2003 META began to handle palm oil factory construction, land levelling and the wastewater ponds construction for large-scale plantation projects with areas of 2,000 ha. Towards the end of 2008, META decided to enter the mining construction business, starting with mining works project for PT. Karya Utama Tambang in Kuala Labai, Ketapang. This was followed by a project in 2010 for PT. Harita Prima Abadi Mineral in Air Upas, Ketapang, which continues until today.

Along with the increasing number of clients and our work capacity, META continues to add a fleet of heavy equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks and other heavy equipment. Furthermore, an increasing amount of heavy equipment is being leased to other companies . In line with these developments, the company opened a rental service division to manage the rental of dump trucks and other heavy equipments.

In order to support the core business and as part of our business expansion, META has also started to develop a general trading business for the sale of spare parts for heavy equipments, agriculture equipments and safety equipments.